What is CNC Routing?

Simply put, CNC Routing is a computer controlled cutting machine. Think of a large flatbed where you lay your stock material and a computer controlled gantry with a high-powered router spindle moves along 3 axis to cut any shape you design on a computer. In addition this is repeatable and extremely accurate. In traditional wood working techniques you would use a tape and measure and sometimes calipers to cut material where you can achieve accuracies of approximately 1/32 inch but CNC machines can be as accurate within a thousandth of an inch.

What does CNC capabilities mean for Maxsun?

Modernizing and using the latest technologies is a crucial and important mission for us. With CNC capabilities we can further streamline our current processes as well as offer a new world of custom services and products to our customers. In other words this means lower cost, faster turnaround times and a better product.

What does CNC capabilities mean for your clients?

The possibilities are endless and creativity is key. We already apply the CNC to our custom restaurant banquette and booth making process already and this has allowed to us take on more complicated and detailed shapes and designs. We can first plan out the parts in a CAD and then bring them to life with the CNC. Ultimately this means a really good fitting banquette.

We also applied this to our tables and chairs. For most tables and depending on the chair we can offer a custom engraved logo or design for the client.

But this has also brought on a whole new line of business and that is sign making and other custom decorative details. Any sort of custom cut our signs made from wood, plastics, or sign boards materials can be done.

What are some examples of the expanded services or products you offer?


Are there any limitations?

Just as with any machine or technology there is always some limitations. The cutting tool cuts by rotating a circular carbide end mill at a very high RPM. Which means that the tool has radius and limits the ability to make sharp corners, depending on the shape. A smaller bit can be used to achieve a sharper corner but will still have a rounded result.

Another limitation to flatbed machining is that it can’t do full 3D machining. The machine cuts on a 2D and 2.5D plane. So for example you wouldn’t be able to machine both sides of a piece of wood. You would have to flip it over to machine the other side and this can be done with some clever fixturing.

Feel Free to check our CNC page for specifications on file requirements, limitations, and other details.