Cuts of Wood

When looking for wood products, whether it be furniture, flooring or anything else, you may want to consider what cut of wood it comes from. The answer is more important than you think. Are you looking for something aesthetically pleasing? something cost efficient? or perhaps something that will last you a long time? Whatever your answer may be, just take a closer look at your potential purchase. The [...]

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Personalize Your Furnishing: An Introductory Guide to CNC Routing

What is CNC Routing? Simply put, CNC Routing is a computer controlled cutting machine. Think of a large flatbed where you lay your stock material and a computer controlled gantry with a high-powered router spindle moves along 3 axis to cut any shape you design on a computer. In addition this is repeatable and extremely accurate. In traditional wood working techniques you would use a tape and measure and [...]

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Booth / Banquette Back : Finished vs Unfinished

As depicted in an earlier article here, we offer 2 (technically 3) types of back covers, upholstered (finished) and cloth (unfinished). Finished Back Unfinished Back     + Same material as rest of booth/banquette, more uniform look. - Mesh cloth cover, does its job to cover the back but not as aesthetically pleasing. - More expensive + More economical If your booth/banquette is placed in the open, where the back [...]

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Upholstery Care

The proper maintenance of vinyl and fabric will extend the life of the material. Dirt, oil and stains may discolor and damage material over time and the proper cleaning will keep the furniture vibrant and appealing. Not all materials are created equal, but the following is a guide to handling most fabrics and vinyls. Each manufacturer has specific recommendations for the care and cleaning of their product, but most vinyls [...]

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Drop Leaf Tables

Drop Leaf tables are designed to create flexibility in the seating capacity in a restaurant. A table that seats 4, may open up to a table that seats 5 or 6. There are several options to consider when investing in a drop leaf table. You can find more information about seating capacity here. Sizing matters in terms of the size of the original table and the extended table. A 30” [...]

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Table Base Maintenance

It is often the case that restaurant owners grapple with concerns of loose table bases. Part of the solution is proper maintenance and care for the product. Bases come in a variety of styles but certain careful instructions could help prevent any instability. The most common concern brought to my attention is the wobble from loosened or lost glides. As a solution for lost glides, as well as a solution [...]

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A Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Upholstery

When shopping for the right fabric to upholster your furniture, you're bombarded with a large variety of different fabrics that are available. Before you make a purchase, you should have an idea of what use the furniture is for. Is it for home or is it for a restaurant? Having an understanding of the nature of the furniture’s use will make the fabric selection simpler. Other things that may be considered when purchasing fabric [...]

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Table Bases: A How-to Guide to find your Ideal Table Base for Your Restaurant !

Finding the perfect tables for your restaurant can be an ordeal of epic proportions. Even after you find the table top of your dreams. How do you determine which bases to use for your table? Should I buy t-style bases, or one x-style base? What material should my base be made of? What’s a base spread? What type of height should I have for my base? This guide is here [...]

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What type of Restaurant are You? A Comprehensive Guide to Restaurant Types

Whether you’re designing a restaurant or just refurnishing one, the theme and type of restaurant should be coherent and consistent to attract your preferred clientele. The etymology of “Restaurant” has changed from meaning “a sit down eatery where you are served” to “any place where food is provided”. Wherever you fit on that spectrum, the term restaurant can mean anything from the most prestigious restaurant to your favorite take-out spot. [...]

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Guide to Wood Slabs: A Great Choice for a Natural, Unique Look in any Restaurant! – Maxsun Group

Live Edge Wood Slabs are a beautiful and great way to add a more natural and original design to any environment. They make a statement and serve a variety of purposes including table tops, bar counters, benches, conference tables and dining tables. Each slab varies in color, character and wood grain. This means no two slabs are the same, making each slab one of a kind . With a Live [...]

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Anatomy of a Booth

Taking the next step into booths/banquettes can be daunting when you aren't aware of all the options available to you. In this section you will find information that will be the building blocks to your very own booth. Standardized Sizes Although booths can be made in any number of sizes, industry standard has come down to the following: Standard Height Bar Height Design Options & Styles Different styles can be [...]

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Seating Capacity & Layout

Selecting the right seating layout is a difficult task because the possibilities are endless. However, there are general guidelines you can adhere to which will help you in your endeavors. The overall space of your restaurant should be divided as such: Dining Room Area: 60% Kitchen, Cooking, Storage, Prep, etc: 40% The recommended square footage per person is affected by the type of restaurant you wish to establish yourself as. [...]

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Layout II

Layout: Booths and Banquettes Shapes & Sizes Booths or Banquettes? The most typical configurations are booths, comprising of singles and doubles placed back to back creating a train, or banquettes, a long built in seating that wraps along one or more walls. However many restaurants and bars utilize both configurations to create a unique space. Booth Banquette ✓ Great for privacy and intimate setting ✓ Maximize seating capacity ✓ Defined [...]

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First and foremost, LAYOUT. Its very important to get the right layout that fits your establishment so you can maximize seating capacity  and create the right feel for the restaurant or bar. Putting some thought into the layout will help with the flow of the restaurant, from seating to walk ways for servers and customers. Lets start with a few points to guide us. 1. Know your spaces. What are [...]

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